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          Continue your
          journey at UNC

          We're excited you're interested in the University of Northern Colorado! Here, your education will be research-driven and hands on. The community will be rooting for you to succeed. And your opportunities will be just about limitless. Hear from some of our students and staff about what it's like to transfer to UNC.

          Transfer Application Checklist


          Admission Application

          Get started with your admission application by completing your . The application requirements are the same no matter which way you apply, so it's up to you how you would prefer to submit your app.


          Application Fee

          UNC has a $50 application fee (nonrefundable; payable by credit or debit card; fee waivers are available).


          Official College3分11选5计划 Transcripts

          Send official college transcripts from all previous institutions attended


          Additional Requirements

          • If you are transferring with 23 or fewer credit hours (not counting AP, IB or CLEP credits), you need to submit your high 3分11选5计划 transcript or equivalent, as well as your ACT or SAT test scores.
          • If you are transferring with 24 or more credit hours (not counting AP, IB or CLEP credits), you need to submit proof of high 3分11选5计划 graduation for federal financial aid reasons. This can be a high 3分11选5计划 transcript, diploma, GED or other high 3分11选5计划 graduation equivalent.
          • If you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you do not need to submit any high 3分11选5计划 or test score documentation.
          • If you do not meet the admission criteria (below), we recommend that you submit a personal statement. There is no specific prompt, but we recommend about 300 words, and you may want to describe your situation and how you have prepared to succeed at UNC.
          • College3分11选5计划 credit earned during high 3分11选5计划 may count toward a UNC degree but cannot classify you as a transfer student or count toward transfer admission requirements.

          Transfer Document Submission Options

          All documents and credentials must be official and sent one of the following ways:


          Office of Admissions
          1051 22nd St
          Campus Box 10
          Greeley, CO 80639


          Previous institutions may send official transcripts via Parchment or to UNC.transcripts@3分11选5计划.

          Admission Criteria

          You’re considered a transfer student if you have attended any post-secondary institution after graduating from high 3分11选5计划. Students who do not meet the 24 credit minimum are encouraged to apply and must include high 3分11选5计划 credential information. Students with at least a 2.0 who were in good academic standing at all previous institutions are encouraged to apply. You’re a strong candidate for admission as a transfer student if you have:


          24 or more transferable credits


          A cumulative GPA of 2.4 from all colleges/universities attended

          Application Deadlines

          UNC accepts applications on a rolling basis, which means that Admissions will start considering your application as soon as it is complete. The sooner you complete your application and financial aid application, the sooner you’ll hear about your admission decision and financial aid package.

          Priority Consideration Deadlines

          Missed the priority deadline? Be sure to get your application to us by the hard deadline.

          Fall Semester

          March 1st

          Hard deadline: August 1

          Spring Semester

          November 1st

          Hard deadline: December 1

          Summer Semester

          March 1st

          Hard deadline: May 1

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Find the answers to common questions here...from applying to student life and everything in between!

          Application Materials

          Transferring Credits

          • How do I find out if my credits will transfer?

            UNC uses a tool called Transferology to allow you to determine how your courses will transfer. () Once you’ve entered your courses on Transferology, you might find that not all your courses have a definitive transfer equivalency. This happens when you load a course that hasn’t been transferred to UNC before, so it’s especially common if you’re an out-of-state student. Contact the Office of the Registrar (transfereval@3分11选5计划) directly for any remaining questions after using Transferology. Your previous credits will be officially evaluated once you are admitted to UNC, so if you are ready to apply, go ahead and do that to get the most thorough evaluation.

          • How will an associate’s degree transfer to UNC?

            If you have completed an Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree, your Liberal Arts Core (LAC) courses at UNC will be waived. You may receive credit for additional individual courses. If you have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or an Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree, your LACs will not be waived, but your courses will be individually evaluated.

          • How do I actually transfer my credits?

            Your application for admission to UNC requires you to submit your official transcripts from any and all institutions you’ve attended. These will be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar once you are admitted to UNC. You’ll then be able to log in to your student portal account (Ursa) and use DegreeWorks to see exactly how all your past work is being applied toward your degree at UNC.

          • Where can I find more information about transferring credits?


          • How long will it take to complete my degree?

            This will be completely dependent on your circumstances. Top things to consider are how many credit hours you are transferring to UNC and what your program requirements are once you get here. Transferology can help with how courses will transfer, and checking out your desired major(s) in  will tell you what courses are required for any of our majors. Remember, once you’re admitted, DegreeWorks will show you how your credits are transferring and what is left for your major!

          • What are LACs?

            Liberal Arts Core courses, or LACs, make up UNC’s general education requirements. 

          Financial Aid

          • How do I apply for financial aid, as a transfer student?

            You’ll want to complete the FAFSA, just like you may have for previous institutions. Use UNC’s 3分11选5计划 code: 001349. You will get the most financial aid opportunity by completing FAFSA prior to June 1. You should also fill out the UNC Scholarship Application by June 1.

          • Are any scholarships available for transfer students?

            UNC offers renewable transfer admission-based scholarships. These scholarships are automatically awarded based on your cumulative post-high 3分11选5计划 transfer GPA, and you will be notified if you receive this about a week after you are admitted. UNC also offers a renewable scholarship to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society members. You can apply for further scholarships through the ; you’ll get the most opportunity by applying by March 1, but some transfer scholarships have deadlines of June 1.


          Living in Greeley

          • What is the cost of living in Greeley?

            As of 2018, Greeley’s cost of living is right around the national average, with slightly higher-than-average housing prices due to the influx of people to Colorado’s Front Range. We recommend using a  to estimate whether Greeley’s cost of living is higher or lower than what you’re used to. (Note: UNC cannot guarantee the accuracy of an outside cost-of-living calculator)

          • How can I get around Greeley?

            Your UNC student ID allows you to ride the Greeley-Evans Transit buses for free, which can take you from campus to grocery stores, the mall, Target, Walmart, the post office and many other locations. .

          Student Life

          Find Your Counselor

          Still have questions? Get them answered.

          Reach out to one of our admission counselors with any questions about applying and being accepted to UNC. 



          Bringing Credits to UNC

          Transfer Credit

          UNC requires a minimum of 120 semester credit hours to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, with a minimum of 30 credit hours taken at UNC. Your credits will automatically be evaluated after you’re admitted to UNC. The Office of the Registrar determines which credits are transferable and evaluates that coursework based on previously established equivalencies. Courses that do not have established equivalencies will be sent to academic departments responsible for reviewing new courses.

          Use these resources to see how courses will transfer to UNC:

          For a complete description of how UNC accepts transfer credits, visit our Registrar’s page.


          Wondering whether your courses will transfer to UNC? Enter your information in our Transferology tool to find out what the transfer equivalencies are at UNC from different institutions. ​ 

          UNC Courses

          Ready to look at the specific course requirements for the program you’re interested in? Head over to to see the most up-to-date information on your program and read about .

          Bear Locale

          When you come to UNC, you won’t just be part of campus, although that’ll be a huge part of your experience. You’ll also be part of a growing Colorado town (well, city!) of 100,000. Here are a few of the ways you can get to know the area.


          Bear Biz

          Local businesses provide discounts to Bear students on services and products including food, car services, recreation, health and fitness, lodging and much more.

          See full list and map of Bear Biz partners.



          is an online portal that allows students to browse internship and job opportunities both local and national. UNC is committed to supporting students as they begin to discover their passion, pave their career path and get in the professional market.


          Off-Campus Life

          A lot of our transfer students live on campus. But if you’re looking to live in the surrounding area, Off-Campus Housing has pages of resources on Rental listings, best practices of living off-campus and more.


          Explore Greeley

          Learn more about the local arts scene, entertainment, parks and more in the community. You’ll find that the university and community are intertwined, benefiting from the best of each other.

          Explore Greeley Now!

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